These are examples of my most recent babies.

*All are now sold and some are no longer available to order*

For details about the dolls I have available for custom orders please look on the Custom Babies page.

For details of any dolls I have for immediate sale please look on the For Sale page.

My silicone babies are not suitable for children.






Tiffany was a gorgeous baby sculpted by Joanna Kazmeirczak she is newborn size with full limbs on a cloth body and was poured in Eco20 This sculpt is sold out now, so sadly I will never get to make another.
Shannon was reborn from the sculpt by Kellie Beckett, she is a cloth body silicone baby poured in Eco20 with full arms and legs and is a dainty newborn size. I opened her mouth and gave her a little tongue,
Rosellie was sculpted and poured in Eco20 silicone by Cassie Brace She has full arms and legs on a cloth body and is 18″ long I have given her a textured finish to her skin for a realistic new baby
Penelope is a cloth body silicone, sculpted by Sandy Faber, she is a 0-3month size baby with full arms and legs.
Lucy is a full body silicone baby girl, sculpted by Tina Kewy, produced by Min Li  and pored in Eco30 by D3 Creations. Lucy is a 0-3month size with a very detailed open mouth with gums and tongue, and ball
Layla was sculpted by Sandy Faber and is a beautiful chubby cloth body silicone baby. This baby is now sold.  
Angel Awake was sculpted by Bonnie Sieben, this baby was the prototype, she is a small newborn size cloth body silicone with full arms and legs, and could be boy or girl. Her mouth was sculpted open, but I opened
Beny was reborn from the sculpt by Alejandra de Zuniga He is a beautiful newborn size full body silicone boy. Beny was poured in Eco 20, his head is fixed and he has an open mouth.