These are examples of my most recent babies.

*All are now sold and some are no longer available to order*

For details about the dolls I have available for custom orders please look on the Custom Babies page.

For details of any dolls I have for immediate sale please look on the For Sale page.

My silicone babies are not suitable for children.






Gorgeous baby Sayge sculpted by Claire Taylor has open mouth with gums and tongue, elbow armatures and poured in soft blend platinum silicone. This baby is sold but I do have another kit available for a custom order.
Erin is a lovely chubby full silicone baby girl, sculpted by Phil Donnelly  
Monet was a super cuddly baby girl I sold recently at the Peterborough Doll Show she was sculpted by Linda Moore Poured in soft silicone by D3 Creations She was around 8lbs and 19″ long
Josh was a gorgeous chubby baby boy I recently sold at the Peterborough Doll Show He was sculpted by Linda Moore and poured by D3 Creations Josh was around 8 lbs and 19/20″ long
Willow is a full body silicone baby girl sculpted and poured by Claire Taylor. I painted and rooted her with a bi-racial skin tone and black curls. This baby is now sold.  
Jolie was sculpted and poured by Sylvia Manning  Painted and rooted by ElliesBabies. This baby is now sold
This beautiful baby was sculpted by Vikki Ebbeling, she is a cloth body silicone baby with full arms and legs, her mouth is sculpted open with a tongue,  Akira could also be boy! I have another Akira kit available for
Lacy Jane is a full body silicone baby, sculpted by Laurie Sullivan Roy and poured in very soft silicone. I painted and rooted her for the BBC