These are examples of my most recent babies.

*All are now sold and some are no longer available to order*

For details about the dolls I have available for custom orders please look on the Custom Babies page.

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My silicone babies are not suitable for children.






Lacy Jane is a full body silicone baby, sculpted by Laurie Sullivan Roy and poured in very soft silicone. I painted and rooted her for the BBC  
Sammy is a full body silicone baby girl sculpted and poured in Eco 20 silicone by Mya Babies She is a preemie size at 16″ and has an open mouth, she weighs 4lbs 6ozs. Sammy is for sale now and
Philip is a full body silicone boy sculpted and poured in Eco20 by Tatyana Burden He has armatures in his arms and a ball jointed head. Philip is 20″ long and weighs 8lbs 12ozs Philip is £3500  
Zuri is a cloth body silicone baby with full arms and legs, sculpted by Bonnie Sieben, I chose a bi-racial skin tone for him which I think really suits the sculpt. Zuri is newborn size.        
Sophie is a full body silicone preemie size baby sculpted by Alejandra de Zuniga, she is 17″/18″ long with realistic wrinkles and slim arms and legs. Sophie’s mouth is sculpted open with gums and can take a preemie size dummy.
Liam is a full body silicone baby boy, sculpted by Elena Westbrook he has a ball jointed head, armatures in his arms and open mouth, his silicone is beautifully smooth and I was very proud to produce the prototype for
Lea was sculpted by Ulrike Gall, she is a full body silicone baby girl, with a jointed head and opened mouth. I was asked to give her a very newborn red complexion as she is a crying baby which was
Amariel is a full body silicone baby girl, sculpted by Monica Parres. She is a small newborn size and poured in Eco30 so very soft and cuddly.